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Courtesy: Jeff Huehn/UTSA Athletics

Roadrunners Q&A with Ferrington Macon

Courtesy: UTSA Athletics Communications
Release: 10/14/2010
Courtesy UTSA Athletics Communications
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Freshman defensive lineman Ferrington Macon is expected to be immediate contributor for UTSA when it begins play in 2011. The 6-foot, 275-pound Corpus Christi native, who was a part of the Roadrunners inaugural recruiting class in February, recorded 81 tackles, eight sacks and one interception as a senior at Carroll High School. Macon spoke with after Wednesday’s scrimmage to talk about what area he needs to improve upon and how the defense’s pressure is making the whole team better.

What have you worked on during these scrimmages and what areas do you think needs improvement?
"I really had to work on getting my first two steps down. College is a lot different and those first two steps seem even more important now. Coach Roark has been helping me with that. I always need to work on getting stronger. College players are so much stronger than in high school and, as a defensive lineman, I have to be even stronger."

How are you balancing your school work and football?
"Two words … study hall. We have to go to study hall and that helps us out because that’s designated time for us to make sure we are learning our schoolwork."
Explain your decision to become a Roadrunner.
"I put in a lot of hard work and went to a lot of camps. When I knew that UTSA was starting a program I knew I wanted to be in that first signing class. Now that I’m here, I’m happy. The pace is fast, it’s fun and I’m excited to be here."

How do you like San Antonio now that you’re here?
"I like the city of San Antonio. It’s huge compared to where I’m from. I love the people at UTSA and the city really wants football here, so I know they will be supporting us. I’m happy that the city wants us because we all definitely want to be here."

How do you get along with your teammates off the field?
"We’re good. We hang out and play video games together. We just usually hang out all the time. We all mesh pretty well together, too, so that’s good."

How is this season getting you prepared for your first season?
"Our tough practices and these scrimmages are definitely getting us ready. The defense is getting better. We are always working hard to get better and the offense is looking good too. I feel that by the time that first game comes, we will all look like we are ready to compete because we have been working so hard."

Compared to the past few scrimmages, tonight was not completely dominated by offense or defense. Does this mean that each team is starting to find its element?
"We’re all coming together. If someone messes up, we have their back and help them out so they don’t mess up again. Now that we are allowed to do more things during practice and scrimmages, we can put that extra pressure on the offense to make them better. With that, they can get deeper into their playbook and challenge us to make us better. So things are beginning to come together on a more consistent basis."

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