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UTSA Athletics Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of the University of Texas at San Antonio, the Athletics Department is committed to providing an environment in which student-athletes can be successful academically, athletically and socially. In doing so, the Department dedicates itself to absolute compliance with the rules of the University, the University of Texas System, Conference USA and the National Collegiate Athletics Association.

UTSA Athletics Vision Statement

The UTSA Athletic Department will be successful in its mission when ...
· Student-athletes achieve academically and compete athletically at the highest level, and are prepared with skills for life.
· It achieves a level of social responsibility, honesty and integrity higher than is expected by the public and is required by laws, policies, guidelines and rules.
· Athletics is the focal point for school identity, pride and spirit among students, faculty, staff, alumni and the surrounding community.
· The community benefits from public service, affordable entertainment and economic growth derived from athletics.

As a department, we value ...

Health and Safety
Of highest priority is the responsibility to maintain the physical well being of the student-athlete. Coaches and medical specialists maintain training methods designed to prevent and treat athletic injuries, and incorporate appropriate measures to educate, prevent and detect the use of illegal drugs. Athletic facilities are designed and maintained to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience for student-athletes, officials and spectators.

Higher Education
No goal exceeds the mandate to educate and graduate the student-athlete. At all times, the Department is dedicated to being consistent with the educational purposes of the University.

Rules and Regulations
Effective institutional management and integrity in intercollegiate athletics through compliance with, and enforcement of, the rules and regulations of the University of Texas System, the NCAA, the Western Athletic Conference, and the standards of fair play and appropriate conduct for student-athletes and institutional representatives.

Fiscal Responsibility
Operate the athletic program in a fiscally-sound fashion, managing resources in a manner that will produce the most beneficial yield for the student-athletes, coaches and staff being served by Intercollegiate Athletics.

Amateur Sportsmanship
The call to honesty, integrity, commitment, hard work and social responsibility resounds from the Department’s administrators, coaches and student-athletes. Through participation in athletics, student-athletes are provided opportunities to develop essential life skills in leadership, teamwork, discipline, goal setting, respect for self and respect for others, as demonstrated both on and off the field of play.

Equal Opportunity
No person is excluded from an Athletics Department purpose, program or activity on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or disability.

Reaching out to admiring fans, and adhering to competitive sportsmanship and ethical play encourages student-athletes to make lifetime contributions to their community, state and nation.

Pursuit of Excellence
An emphasis on excellence helps student-athletes to understand the rewards of dedication to a larger purpose, and encourages development of physical and intellectual skills.
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