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UTSA Athletics Compliance Office — Intercollegiate Athletics Council

University of Texas at San Antonio System policy mandates that each component university that participates in intercollegiate athletics have an athletics council (IAC) appointed by the President. The following guidelines summarize and highlight the major duties and responsibilities of the IAC.

Purpose and Responsibilities
The IAC serves in an advisory capacity to the President of the University and the Director of Athletics relative to rules, regulations and administration of intercollegiate athletics. The purpose of the IAC is to help the University develop and maintain a quality intercollegiate athletics program consistent with the academic mission and fiscal integrity of the institution.

In fulfilling this purpose, the IAC for UTSA shall advise the President, through the Vice-President for Student Affairs, on all matters of policy and procedures for the operation of the Intercollegiate Athletics program. The President is ultimately responsible for the conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and all recommendations of the Athletic Council are advisory to the President. The Athletic Council will review Athletic Department policies and procedures to ensure compliance with NCAA rules and regulations. Also, the Council will review proposed NCAA legislation and provide input to the University’s President, the faculty representative and other involved parties.   

Intercollegiate Athletics Council Voting Members Chair: Gregg Michel

Intercollegiate Athletics Council Voting Members: (Advisory Council)
· David Bojanic [Marketing]
· David Silvera [Marketing]
· Lloyd Potter [Demography]
· Rolando Quintana [Mgmt. Science and Statistics]
· Rhonda Gonzales, Senator [History]
· Mary McNaughton-Cassill [Psychology]
· Jane Wilcox, Representative from the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (ex officio with vote)
· Sam Gonzales, Representative from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (ex officio with vote)
· Two student members (voting)
· Rachel Busby, freshman

Intercollegiate Athletics Council Ex. Officio Members Non-Voting
· NCAA Representative (ex officio)
· David Gabler, Assistant Vice President for University Communications (ex officio with vote)
· Barbara Smith, Representative from the Office of Academic Support and Undergraduate Studies (ex officio without vote)
· Leonard Flaum, Representative from the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity Services
· George Norton, Representative from the Office of Admissions (ex officio without vote)
· Fred Hample, Representative from the office of the Registrar (ex officio without vote)
· Diana Martinez, Representative from the Office of Financial Aid (ex officio without vote)
· James Weaver, Representative from Consulting Services/University Compliance
· Lynn Hickey, Athletics Director (ex officio without vote)
· Jim Sarra, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs (ex officio without vote)
· Josh Daume, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance (ex officio without vote)
· Elizabeth Dalton, Senior Associate Athletics Director/Senior Woman Administrator (ex officio without vote)
· One member of the Roadrunner Athletic Fund
· Cari Goodyear, Assistant Athletics Director for Academic Services (ex officio without vote)
· Ross Cobb, Associate Athletics Director for Business & Facilities (ex officio without vote)
· Student-member-elect (Rachel Busby)

· Athletics Council minutes - Nov. 11, 2008 (.pdf)
· Athletics Council minutes - Dec. 12, 2008 (.pdf)
· Athletics Council minutes - March 24, 2009 (.pdf)
· Athletics Council minutes - June 9, 2009 (.pdf)

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